• Question: how long did Avogadro's took to come up with the formulae of 6.0x10^23

    Asked by 257pink34 to Alice, Koko, Paul, Silvia, Tim on 25 May 2018.
    • Photo: Koko Mutai

      Koko Mutai answered on 25 May 2018:

      Avogadro graduated from school in 1796 and soon after he became interested in physics and mathematics and started teaching in 1809 and published the Avogadro’s hypothesis is 1811. Based on that l will assume he worked on his law for about 15 years

    • Photo: Timothy Chege

      Timothy Chege answered on 30 May 2018:

      He proposed his hypothesis/law in 1811. Since he graduated from the University of Turin in 1796, its safe then to assume that it took him at least 15 years to come up with his hypothesis.