• Question: how to make homemade biogas using simple materials in the environment

    Asked by Garo to Koko on 22 May 2018.
    • Photo: Koko Mutai

      Koko Mutai answered on 22 May 2018:

      Making homemade biogas can be easy
      1) Methane gas
      2)Slurry (can be an excellent manure)

      1)Inlet pipe
      2) digester tank
      3) gas holder tank
      4) slurry outlet pipe
      5) gas outlet pipe

      Step 1
      Choose the correct container, for example, a skyplast container that will act as a digester tank
      Step 2
      Make inlet and outlet holes in the tank. Use a hot iron rod to do that. CAUTION the iron rod will be hot
      Glue the inlet and outlet pipe using a waterproof adhesive.
      Make a gas holder tank you can use a bucket of about 20 litres. Overturn the bucket an fix with a valve
      Mix the cow dung (5kgs for 50litres) to make a slurry. Put the slurry in your digestive tank.
      Place the gas holer and overturn it in the digestive tank with the valve facing up. Connect pipes to the valve to channel the gas

      Wait 10-15 days for you to get your BIOGAS!!!